Sketch Shading

For my Bachelors thesis (2008) I designed a method for rendering 3D models in a non-photorealistic way allowing the models to appear sketched. While the material I present in my thesis is not very complex, I present a completely novel approach to rendering models so that they appear sketched in real time.


This project discusses non-photorealistic rendering techniques. In particular it examines three different outlining methods in detail and describes a fourth. Those three main outlining methods are stencil buffer outlining, front-face culling and ink sketch outlining. In addition two different shading methods – cell shading and crosshatch shading – are discussed. The cell shading method mentioned here is a commonly used method and is provided as an introduction to the crosshatch shading method. This project examines two different crosshatch shading methods, one simple and one which attempts to improve on the quality of the current crosshatch shading method on models with large polygons. All of the work presented in this paper is designed to work in real-time with speeds ranging from 24 to 60 frames per second.

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