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A nifty little tool to find all the distinct values in all columns

A few months ago I became quite frustrated because I had a huge backlog of work to do performing the Quality Control of the analyses of my team members. A large portion of performing this type of Quality Control was getting a sense of the data ingested by the analyses and determining if there were […]

Creating anonymized pseudo-random IDs

I sometimes need to convert a series of unique sensitive IDs into a list of unique IDs which I can use to share with people who aren’t allowed to know the IDs in the first list. The very easiest was to do that in SQL is to either use the HASHBYTES function in T-SQL and […]

Pivoting a table when you don’t know how many columns you need with dynamic SQL

Here’s the situation, you’ve got a column in a table which you want to pivot on but you don’t have any control over the distinct number of values that can be in that column. It could be 3 or it could be 20. However, you still need to be able to pivot the whole table […]

How to include several values in one field in SQL

I found out the other day how to solve a problem that had been causing me issues when presenting data. I often got requests to resent data in such a way that we display information from a table in a grouped form while still allowing someone to consult all of the values relating to this […]

A function similar to first or last from access in MS SQL

I’ve been looking for a while now to find a way to return just one row when the fields I am using split up my table return several rows per unique field combination. I found this little gem today:

This of course does not emulate first and last exactly as it doesn’t really allow […]