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Mobile Sink Transfer Methods

In the final year of my studies at the University of Oxford I joined a research group which was working on a sensor network. My work consisted in investigating reliable transfer methods between the nodes of the sensor network and a mobile sink which would travel through the network and gather all of the data […]

Gait of a Six-Legged Robot

  When I studied computer animation at university I did some very interesting work for the final project. Along with several questions about rotation calculations and collision detection the project asked us to animated a six legged robot walking in a 3D environment and turning. If you are interested in this project I have uploaded […]

Sketch Shading

For my Bachelors thesis (2008) I designed a method for rendering 3D models in a non-photorealistic way allowing the models to appear sketched. While the material I present in my thesis is not very complex, I present a completely novel approach to rendering models so that they appear sketched in real time. Abstract This project […]